We believe you deserve to have the most reliable, highest quality and most affordable weapons available.
At Operator Outpost, we are constantly researching, testing and enhancing our selection to bring you the most durable AR parts on the market.
Our goal is to build rifles that would meet or exceed the performance demands of the United States Military, specifically Special Operations units
who typically demand highly specialized weaponry. To do this, we have based much of our gun
off of proven Military Specifications. But we believe mil spec is the base, not the ultimate goal.
Behind that philosophy, we have taken certain liberties with the assembly techniques, materials, component selection, and technical specifications that
constitute a true Mil Spec Rifle. Any deviations from the standard have been carefully considered and tested to the capacity of our facilities to guarantee that
performance has not been compromised.
We stand behind our products. And armed these specifications, you can be confident in each and every component in your rifle.

All parts are test fit, and in some cases fired before shipping and may have characteristics that reflect their function tested status. 

Every rifle we build uses a steel nitrided gas block. Here’s why:
If the gas port is the ventricle,  the gas block is the heart of your gas system. This piece is every bit as critical as any other.
You will find the majority of production AR-15s on the market today use aluminum gas blocks because they are inexpensive and easy to machine.
In spite of those initially attractive facts, aluminum gas blocks have an inherent flaw.
As barrels heat up, the metals expand. The aluminum in the gas block expands faster than the steel in the barrel.
This will inevitably cause leaks at your gas block, resulting in a less than ideal cycle or complete failure altogether.
Our gas blocks are QPQ nitride treated, giving them a durable and brilliant black finish that strengthens the metal itself.

Our gas tubes are all Nitrded:
QPQ nitride treated, giving them a durable and brilliant black finish that strengthens the tube.

Our Small Parts and LPKs are the best on the market:
It is astounding the amount of sub standard LPKs on the market.
There’s 2 ways to make an LPK:
The cheap way is MIM (metal injection molding).
The right way is machined steel
From the time of this publication, we will only be using the highest quality small parts and LPKs from trusted Government Contractors.
You can be certain that our buffers, end plates, castle nuts, dust cover assemblies, forward assists and LPKs will have the finest fit and finish of any on the market, and that they have the balls to go the distance.

All of our receivers are premium grade.
With T3 C2 Mil spec anodizing, and precise machining you can be sure you have a quality chassis.
Every receiver is checked for fit and finish before shipping.
Our Mil Spec AR-15 Receivers are forged 7075.
The PD9 receiver sets are machined from 7075 Billet.

Precision Machined 4150 CRMOV.
QPQ Salt bath Nitride finish.
M4 feed Ramps
Machined to a high grade and sub MOA guaranteed.

Bolt Carrier Group:
If the Gas system is the heart, the BCG is the swinging testicles of your weapons system.
Without this hard dick doing it’s job every time, you’re impotent.
All our rifles uses the Operator Outpost BCG featuring: Steel, AISI 8620 , Aircraft Quality. Full Auto Carrier.
Heat treated and Stress Relieved
Salt bath black nitride finish

C158 bolt – Heat treated and shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430S vibratory tumbled, individually magnetic particle inspected per ASTM E1444/E1444M (MPI)
Salt bath black nitride finish

Key 4140CS, heat treated
Grade 8 bolts w/ deep stakes
Mounted using Permatex NO.3D aviation form-a-gasket to seal gas, screws tightened 58 to 50 In Lb with removal torque of 55 to 100 In. Lb., each screw deeply staked in 2 places simultaneously
Salt bath black nitride finish

Cam Pin is Precision machined 4340 steel alloy per SAE AMS6415T/AMS6484D
Properly Heat Treated per Mil Spec
Salt bath black nitride finish

-Firing Pin
Heat treated/processed and hard chrome plated

Tool steel extractor, properly heat treated.
Salt bath black nitride finish

Extractor Spring
Enhanced extractor spring for a dependable extraction with ANY ammo.
Made from Chrome silicon wire stock, these springs are heat treated, stress relieved and Cryogenic Processed post winding.
Plated with re-micronized molybdenum disulfide formulation.
Higher load than traditional AR-15 extractor springs.
Extreme length duty cycle without losing performance.

Tool steel, properly heat treated

-Ejector Spring
Made from Chrome silicon wire stock, these springs are heat treated, stress relieved and Cryogenic Processed post winding.
Plated with re-micronized molybdenum disulfide formulation.
Higher load than traditional AR-15 extractor springs.
Extreme length duty cycle without losing performance.



Action Springs:
All of our springs are constructed from Certified Chrome Silicon wirestock to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to withstand extreme heat and highly cyclic rate. The certification rating ensures a consistency in the parent material of 95%, which translates to repeatable consistency in performance & function. Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon wire is used in very high stress applications such as, NASCAR, Formula One, Moto GP & Pro Stock racing motor valve springs. It is not uncommon in some of these applications for valve springs to see 15,000,000 compression cycles in one race. It is this extraordinary capability that makes Chrome Silicon wire the obvious choice in our spring production vs. music wire or 17-7 PH used in OEM springs and by most aftermarket competitors. In addition, all of our Chrome Silicon buffer springs are heat treated, stress relieved, and dual-stage shot peened in separate post winding treatments. We also treat each spring with a proprietary, deep-penetrating, Re-Micronized (to .3 Micron particle size), inhibited, Molybdenum-Disulfide (MoS2) formulation to eliminate 90% of all mechanical wear on the spring. The combination of materials & processes result in a loss of no more than 5% in spring efficiency. The minimum anticipated duty cycles of our buffer spring designs are in excess of 1,500,000 cycles.

We take our extractor springs one step further with the addition of Cryogenic Processing. This computerized, ultra low temperature process (-320°F) increases the strength & wear life of the parent material through a change in microstructure resulting in less retained austenite and more uniformity in grain structure.

Why cryogenics for the extractor spring and not our other springs? Due to the size of the extractor spring, high stress cyclic rates and asymmetrical temperature exposure, premature wear and or shortened spring life can occur. Cryogenics effectively combats these issues giving the spring a very predictable & uniform performance within the operation of the weapon cycle.

While we really don’t know how long our extractor springs will last, round counts in excess of 200,000 ROUNDS (ongoing) are documented on a single extractor spring. We have 5-Coil Extra Power, 4-Coil Enhanced Power, and Extra Power .308 Dual Spring Sets in our comprehensive extractor spring lineup below. Neither our extractor springs, nor any other commercially available extractor springs are shot peened due to the unfeasible cost of manual labor and wire fixturing of such tiny springs in a complex process.


  • ASTM Grade A877 Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon Wirestock
  • Heat Treated, Stress Relieved and Dual Stage Shot-Peened post winding (Our springs really ARE shot-peened)
  • Impregnation / Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide formulation
  • Hard plastic tube packaging for protected transport and easy storage
  • Optional Cryogenic Processing available upon request


  • Shortened “lock time” for faster sight recovery and platform stability
  • Consistent spring pressure throughout the duty cycle of the spring, resulting in fewer malfunctions related to spring operation. (Especially Type III malfunctions)
  • Improved & consistent cyclic operation. Spring will not change performance for many hundreds of thousands of rounds.
  • Greater resistance to heat induced performance degradation
  • Reduced cyclic rate with Enhanced or Extra Power springs and reduce / eliminate bolt bounce with optimal spring / buffer weight selection.
  • Reduced operating cost as replacement springs are not needed during the life of your upper receiver assembly. Less downtime and fewer trips to the armorer for spring replacement, in fact, this will most likely be the only buffer spring you will ever need for the duty cycle of your carbine or rifle!
  • Correct spring selection works reliably, consistently, and virtually indefinitely in all properly built and maintained AR platforms.